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***Updated 7-24-17***
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Wisconsin Parrots
           Take your pretty bird home in a new carrier!  
Small for Parrotlets to Conures          Large for African Greys
    23.70 + tax (25.00)                       26.54 + tax (28.00)
or call:  715-561-5564
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2 Female Senegal Parrots Available...
On Sale right now!

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Male Caique - Black Headed 20years old...
Higgins Safflower Gold Conure
and Cockatiel Food

3 lb. bag  12.32 + tax (13.00)

What our Sun Conures, Senegal
Parrots, Quakers, Lovebirds and
Parrotlets are eating!
Pretty Bird Species Specific
African Special Pellets

3 lb.  bag  13.98 + tax (14.75 )

What our African Greys, Senegal
Parrots, and Conures are eating! stock!
Wisconsin Parrots...

Going out of Business sale...

More birds added soon!